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At NYU Abu Dhabi, we want you to feel supported throughout the admissions process. This page provides an overview of different application components, assistance on submitting documents, and links to familiarize yourself with the various elements and organizations you may encounter when assisting your students. If anything is unclear or you feel you are missing a key piece of information, please contact us so that we can ensure that this page is as useful as possible.

Understanding the Application

Whether you are familiar with the US university admissions process or entirely new at counseling, it is vital to understand the various components of the application you are responsible for providing and the purpose behind them.

Document Description
Academic Transcript Testing A transcript provides an overview of a student’s full secondary school record, and includes both internal marks as well as any exams taken. In many cases, the exams taken at the end of secondary school will satisfy our flexible testing policy. We use both components to assess a student’s academic achievement, though we rely on other parts of the application to provide further context.
Counselor Recommendation As a counselor, you are asked to submit a recommendation that summarizes a student’s academic achievement but also a broader appreciation of the student’s involvement in school and extracurricular life and their distinguishing personal characteristics. This is an opportunity to place the student’s achievements in context — for their year, the school, and even, in many cases, on a national level.
School Report The School Report accompanies the Counselor Recommendation, and provides us with additional information about your school, students, and curriculum. This document will vary from school to school, but should at least include an overview of what opportunities are available to students (both academically and extracurricularly); a general sense of the makeup of the student body; and where students most often end up attending university.
Teacher Recommendation This letter, relative to the Counselor Recommendation, is more focused on a particular subject and that teacher’s experience with the student. The student will choose who writes this letter and should find someone who knows them well and can speak to their individual accomplishments and academic profile.

Submitting Documents

Whenever possible, you should submit all documents through the Common Application. This will ensure that the necessary documents are added to a student’s application. To be considered official, the academic transcript requires an original signature of the registrar or other designated school official, or the institution's seal. If a document isn't in English, then a translation should be provided (a school official or a translation agency accredited in your country can issue the translation). All official testing should come from the relevant examination board or testing agency. 

When sending documents via post or email, please remember to always include the student’s name and NYU or CommonApp ID. 

Documents not submitted through the Common Application can be sent to:

New York University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
383 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003

or via email:

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