Optional Arts Portfolio

Students who wish to highlight their talent in the fine or performing arts — visual art, music, theater, film, and new media — may submit an Arts Portfolio. This is a way for students intending to participate in the NYU Abu Dhabi arts community to highlight their artistic and creative talents for the admission process. 

The submission of an Arts Portfolio is entirely optional and will be reviewed at the discretion of the NYU Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the NYU Abu Dhabi Arts and Humanities faculty. Submissions that do not have the required parts of the NYU undergraduate application or submissions received after the official Common Application deadlines will not be reviewed.

Students who submit an Arts Portfolio are not required to major in the arts at NYU Abu Dhabi. Similarly, students who do not submit an Arts Portfolio may still study or participate in the arts at NYU Abu Dhabi.


What's in a Portfolio?

There are two components that students should submit in order to complete the portfolio:

  1. A brief (one-paragraph) statement discussing your artistic talent(s) and interest(s); and
  2. Creative materials in support of your artistic interest(s).

Please note that portfolios cannot be returned to applicants upon submission.


Recommended Materials for Submission

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions recommends that students submit the following materials in accordance with their primary artistic interest(s):


How to Send Your Portfolio

  1. You must complete the Common Application with the NYU questions. Once your Common Application has been submitted, you may proceed to:
  2. Prepare your two-part artistic portfolio and submit via Slideroom, NYU Abu Dhabi’s online portal. You can register for a Slideroom account and submit the portfolio materials online.



To ensure that your portfolio materials are reviewed without delay, it is recommended that interested students submit their materials by the following deadlines:

Notification Plan Suggested Deadline Final Deadline
Early Decision I October 15 November 1
Early Decision II December 15 January 1
Regular Decision January 1 January 5