An Invitation to Nominate

With the goal of identifying and admitting the world's most talented students, we turn to you - the counselor or advisor - for the expertise you have developed in your communities and schools. Together, we will work to provide the best and brightest students in the world with an unparalleled educational opportunity at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Thanks to the support of experienced counselors, educators, and community leaders who help us identify which high-achieving students will thrive in NYU Abu Dhabi's unique environment, we have welcomed outstanding students to our community, and look forward to working together as we identify future students.

While students must separately apply for admission to NYU Abu Dhabi — and present a strong case for their academic and extracurricular merits — your nomination can greatly assist us in understanding and fully appreciating the excellence of a student in his or her educational and national context.

Nomination Submission Timeline

Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis, with the system opening each April. We welcome nominations at the start of a student's final year of secondary school or at the end of the preceding year.

Nominations should be submitted no later than one month prior to the corresponding application deadline:

  • October 1 (for students who will apply ED1 by November 1)
  • December 1 (for students who will apply ED2 or Regular Decision by January 1)

Completing a Nomination

From the Counselor

  • Create your Counselor Account (right side of this page)
  • Complete the Nomination Form
  • Upload a school profile in the Nomination Form
  • Upload the student's most recent transcript in the Nomination Form

From the Student

While the nomination itself must be submitted online by a school counselor or advisor, the student is required to provide the components below.

Student Writing Assignment

Write a formal, academic essay in which you imagine that you are in a position of leadership in your country or your local community (note that while many leaders who effect change are politicians, they can also be scholars, activists, scientists, artists, etc.). Choose an issue about which you, as this leader, feel passionately and describe it in detail, giving your informed reader a sense of the arguments and counterarguments associated with the issue. Tell us where you stand and why, using description and analysis of real-world evidence as well as your unique perspective as an influential member of your community. Hypothetically, how would you address this issue and what would your community or country look like as a result of your actions? Please be as specific as possible and limit your response to 500-750 words.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the nomination process, please email us at