Test - J-Term at NYUAD Application

Katya, this test page contains ONLY THE FORM FIELDS so we can test the form. Once approved, we add the form to the Application page.

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Student Personal Information

Gender *

Course Selection

Please select between two and six courses and their locations, and recognize that you may be placed in any of them. Each choice should be a course you are genuinely interested in taking. Please understand that placement is not guaranteed in any of them.

Personal Statement

Please write a 300-word essay to support your J-Term application. Include any information you think would be of interest to the selection committee in evaluating your application. Please address the following topics:

  • What do you hope to gain academically and personally from participating in the NYUAD J-Term program?
  • If you are applying for a J-Term abroad, explain why it is important for you to have this cross-cultural experience at this point in your studies.
  • What challenges, if any, do you anticipate facing?

Information Distribution Waiver

Please check one box for each statement below.*

NYUAD may distribute my email address to other program participants before the program. *
NYUAD may release information related to my participation on this program to my parent(s) or guardian(s). *
After completing the program, NYUAD may distribute my email address to prospective students who wish to speak to program returnees for additional program details. *

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