NYU Abu Dhabi alumni are employed around the world in industries ranging from consulting to technology, startups and the arts. Many chose to stay in the UAE.

Class of 2018 Fast Facts

Hayat Muhammed Seid

My non-academic life at NYU Abu Dhabi shaped how I think about and interact with the world around me. 

Isabelle Galet-Lalande

After graduating, I worked on the pre-production of an incredible new feature film set in Abu Dhabi.

Alioune Fall

I help design and deliver the entrepreneurial leadership course that all students take in their first year the African Leadership University (ALU).

Christopher Luwanga

I work with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), a global network of young, professionals and is in support of the United Nations program on peaceful uses of outer space.

Ling Zhang

Independent learning, research, and projects (at NYUAD) prepared me for the situation I'm in now, where I have a lot of freedom to work independently.

Dominique Lear

I learned about my [current] position thanks to my summer internship.

Gulnoza Mansur

I’m working on the commercial due diligence of a mobile app but my first project was a feasibility study for a family entertainment center in Saudi Arabia.

Paulius Urbonas

Classes helped me to prepare for the job in a technical sense, while extracurricular activities taught me to work in a team.

Arame Dieng

I have a duty to educate, improve, and make an impact whenever and wherever I can.

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