Segun Omole

Rolling with the punches

Segun Omole’s life after NYUAD has stayed consistent with his life during university, experiencing life and all its obstacles with a curious mind.

Omole entered NYU Abu Dhabi with the goal of getting into law school in the US, this was also around the time that the university instituted the Legal Studies program and the London Track, which worked in his favor.

For the duration of his freshman year, he chose to major in Theater and Film and New Media; however, unbeknownst to him, spending his sophomore spring in NYU London validated his interest in pursuing law earlier than anticipated. He credits the offering of classes and the incredible Professors in NYU London who gave him insight into the world of the British legal system, and he welcomed this idea with open arms.

Going the Schwarzman route required turning down two exciting full-time offers and I had a little voice in my head questioning whether I could land opportunities like those again.

Segun Omole, Class of 2021

As Omole returned from his semesters away, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and halted all his law school applications and tests he was intending on completing. Despite this new obstacle, Omole learned to roll with the punches and take each day as it came. Once life started to shift back to normalcy, Segun had to adjust his focus on his pending law applications and tests. One of the key factors that supported Segun’s application process were the Career Development Center’s Graduate School advisors. Their guidance in interview questions and test preparation helped him refine his skills to excel in all his applications and eventual admittances. 

While Omole was contemplating which post-graduation path to follow, he was met with the opportunity to apply for the Schwarzman Scholars program in Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. After completing several applications to other graduate schools, the opportunity of the Schwarzman program was too good to pass. Going the Schwarzman route required turning down two full-time offers. “I had a little voice in my head questioning whether I could land opportunities like those again, but it was just self-doubt. I quickly moved on from it after accepting the Schwarzman offer and reminding myself that I was on the right track and committed to the things I was most passionate about whilst on the journey.”

Now, as he settles into China for the program, Omole is excited to immerse himself in the community and learn more about Chinese culture. Embracing the culture shock has become second nature, navigating new places and experiencing the culture as a local and not a tourist. “I am so eager to be going somewhere and getting to know the space, the area and the people. The more time that I spend away from China, the more it hurts my heart because I have less time to achieve these goals. But I’m just going to dive head-first when I get there and stay in the deep-end.”