Traffic Flow Dynamics and Computation

Research in the Traffic Flow Dynamics and Computation Group is focused on developing statistical and computational methods for analyzing urban network traffic dynamics. Applications include traffic state estimation, incident detection, and stochastic control.

Transportation Infrastructure Management Lab

Research in the Transportation Infrastructure Management lab includes all aspects of planning and management of surface transportation infrastructure. This research encompasses the development of optimal management policies under uncertainty, developing solutions for reducing the environmental externalities of transportation systems (climate change mitigation) and for protecting urban transportation infrastructure from sea level rises (climate change adaptation).

Mobility Lab

The Mobility Lab conducts research to improve the monitoring, modeling, and control of multimodal transportation systems, paying special attention to new technologies and data sources. The overall goal is to improve people mobility in a manner that is sustainable in the long term.

PALM Research Lab

In the Productional And Logistics Management research lab we focus on different applications of optimization and operations research, encompassing applications such as logistics and supply chain management, healthcare management, and production planning.