Francesco Arneodo, Associate Dean of Science

Francesco Arneodo is an experimental physicist focusing on the intersection between astrophysics and particle physics. He has also worked on neutrino physics with liquid argon detectors and on the search for Dark Matter. He currently serves as Head of the NYUAD Physics Program.

Ian Dobbs-Dixon, Assistant Professor of Physics

Ian Dobbs-Dixon researches planetary interiors and atmospheric dynamics, with a focus on their roles in influencing planetary evolution and shaping observable features. His main expertise is numerical modeling of hydrodynamical and radiative processes.

Joseph Gelfand, Associate Professor of Physics

Joseph Gelfand's scholarly focus is core collapse supernovae — particularly the neutron stars and pulsar wind nebulae formed in these events. More broadly, he studies radio and X-ray active galactic nuclei, high redshift radio galaxies, the acceleration and propagation of cosmic rays, and the evolution of massive stars.

Andrea Valerio Macciò, Program Head

Andrea Macciò is interested in the dark components of our universe, the dark energy and the Dark Matter, which account for 95% of the total energy/matter budget of the universe. He studies the formation and evolution of galaxies in such a dark universe via large computer numerical simulations.

David Russell, Assistant Professor

Dave Russell researches accreting compact objects and their energetic output in the form of radiation and jets, leading to a deeper understanding of the accretion process in the gravitational fields near compact objects. His group is finding clues about how the brightest X-ray objects produce the fastest flows of matter in the galaxy, relativistic jets.

George Shubeita, Assistant Professor

George Shubeita’s research is in cell physics, where the synergy of physics and biology advances our understanding of biological function and the physical principles governing it. His lab currently focuses on molecular motor function in intracellular transport.

Ingyin Zaw, Associate Professor of Physics

Ingyin Zaw studies the intersection of particle physics and astronomy. She concentrates on the origin of high energy cosmic rays and the comprehension of dark energy, both of which are key to understanding the composition of the universe.

Current Students

Name Supervising Faculty  
Samule Crespi Ian Dobbs-Dixon, Assistant Professor of Physics