Samer Madanat, Dean of Engineering

Samer Madanat researches and teaches in the area of Transportation Infrastructure Management, with an emphasis on modeling facility performance, the development of optimal management policies under uncertainty, and developing solutions for improving the sustainability of transportation systems. He currently serves as NYUAD's Dean of Engineering.

Tarek Abdoun, Global Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering

Professor Abdoun is the Thomas Iovino Chair Professor, Director, of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Geo-Centrifuge Center, and Global Distinguished Professor at NYUAD. Professor Abdoun research interests cover geotechnical engineering, Advanced Field Monitoring, Centrifuge & Full-scale Testing, Soil-Structure Interaction, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Satellite Based InSAR Remote sensing, Hurricane loading, and offshore systems.

Kemal Celik, Assistant Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering

Kemal Celik’s work focuses on construction materials and building energy efficiency to develop sustainable and multi-functional structural materials. To this end, he conducts multi-scale and interdisciplinary research, including (i) mechanical and durability assessment study of cement hydration products, (ii) rheology of cement composites, (iii) understanding the exchange of energy between the built and natural environment.

Ali Diabat, Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering

Professor Diabat’s research interests focus on different applications of optimization and operations research. Encompassing applications such as logistics and supply chain management, healthcare management (in particular, blood collection and distribution), airline operations management, and production planning using mathematical programming. He is also interested in developing heuristics and solution algorithms for various types of difficult optimization problems

Borja García de Soto, Assistant Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering

Borja Garcia de Soto is interested in all aspects of Construction 4.0. He conducts research in the areas of construction automation, artificial intelligence, lean construction, integrated delivery systems, and BIM. His research ensures a pragmatic viewpoint to guarantee a successful integration in the way we the plan, design, construct, operate/maintain, inspect/monitor, retrofit, and repair the infrastructure and communities of the future.

Saif Jabari, Assistant Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering

Saif Jabari's interests lie at the interface of data analysis and theoretical traffic-flow modeling, including the development of methods for understanding and quantifying uncertainty in transportation systems. Recently, he has focused on the development of real-time traffic analytics, such as traffic state estimation, network-wide real-time dynamic control, and incident detection, localization, and sensor placement problems for urban traffic networks.

Monica Menendez, Associate Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering

Professor Menendez’s research interests include traffic flow theory and operations, sustainable transportation, and logistics. In particular, she is very active in the area of monitoring, modeling, and control of multimodal transportation systems, paying special attention to new technologies and data sources.

Athanasios Triantafyllou, Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering

Athanasios Triantafyllou’s research interests are focused in the application of advanced structural materials (e.g., fiber reinforced polymers, textile-based cementitious composites, high performance concrete) in structures, mainly in the field of strengthening/retrofitting of concrete, masonry and timber, but also in new construction. He has limited research activity in steel-concrete composite construction and in the damage detection of materials and structures using smart monitoring systems. His past research interests were focused in the mechanics of cellular materials and in the optimum design of structural sandwich panels.