Maria Baias, Assistant Professor

Maria Baias’s research at NYUAD is focused on developing methods for high-pressure NMR crystallography with the aim to characterize polymorphism in complex crystalline materials when subjected to high pressure conditions.

Timothy Dore, Associate Professor

Timothy Dore’s scientific interests lie at the interface of chemistry and biology, creating new technology to study complex biological systems, especially the brain. He was a faculty member at the University of Georgia in the United States prior to joining NYUAD.

Serdal Kirmizialtin, Assistant Professor

Dr. Kirmizialtin’s research draws from physical chemistry, computational science, soft matter, enzyme actions, and biological machinery of information processing. He investigates how physical and chemical principles can be applied to understand the behavior of biological macromolecules.

Pance Naumov, Associate Professor

Pance Naumov focuses on the development of diffraction-based methods for studying reaction mechanisms in smart materials, particularly direct observation of metastable and unstable molecular intermediates, states and phases.

Ali Trabolsi, Assistant Professor

Ali Trabolsi has studied supramolecular systems based on porphyrins, fullerenes, and oligo-phenylene vinylene. In recent years, Trabolsi’s research has focused on the synthesis and the characterization of mechanically interlocked molecules.