Mohammad Qasaimeh, Assistant Professor of Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering

Mohammad Qasaimeh's current research develops microfluidic and MEMS devices for biomedical applications and point of care diagnostics. He directs the Advanced Microfluidics and Microdevices Laboratory (AMMLab) at NYU Abu Dhabi, working with miniaturization and integration in biology, life sciences, and medicine.

Rafael Y. Song, Assistant Professor of Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering

Rafael Y. Song’s research and teaching interests are interdisciplinary in both mechanical engineering disciplines such as design and manufacturing of MEMS devices, fluid mechanics, 3D printing and micro/nanofabrication, as well as in biological engineering areas such as "Lab-on-a-Chip" devices for high-throughput separation and detection of biomolecules and cells, biofuels, neuroprosthetic implants, and transport phenomena in biological systems.

Jeremy Teo, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Jeremy Teo's research focuses on Immunobioengineering, sitting at the interface of engineering and immunology. He leads the Laboratory for Immunobioengineering Research and Applications (LIBRA), with overlapping research themes comprising of immuno-mechanobiology, microenvironment mimicry, and high-throughput quantitative biology. LIBRA embraces the complex yet interesting immune system, and making sense of it through adoption of engineering approaches.