Supervising Faculty

Azza Abouzied, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, NYUAD

Azza Abouzied, Assistant Professor

Azza Abouzied’s research work focuses on designing intuitive data querying tools, combining techniques from various research fields such as UI-design, machine learning and databases. She designs novel interfaces, such as example-driven query tools, that simplify data querying and analysis.

Jay Chen, Assistant Professor of Computer, NYUAD

Jay Chen, Assistant Professor

Jay Chen's research is in the area of information and communication technologies for development, focusing on technology interventions that leverage people's existing behaviors or aspirations to encourage technology adoption in developing regions.

Nizar Habash, Associate Professor of Computer Science, NYUAD

Nizar Habash, Associate Professor

Nizar Habash specializes in natural language processing and computational linguistics. His research includes machine translation, morphological analysis, and computational modeling of Arabic and its dialects.

Christina Pöpper, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, NYUAD

Christina Poepper, Assistant Professor

Christina Poepper's research area is information and communication security, addressing the security of current and future IT systems. Topics range from wireless security to protocol and system-level security.

Saurabh Ray, Assistant Professor

Saurabh Ray is interested in discrete and computation geometry, extremal combinatorics, and approximation algorithms. He is particularly excited about novel applications of mathematics in computer science.