Saba's current research includes an ethnographic and historical study of social movements in South Asia titled, “The “third way”: reimagining power elites, social movements and silent revolutions in postcolonial Pakistan.” She is also working with qualitative interview data to explore sexual harassment experiences among urban Pakistani women titled: “Unsilencing Pakistan’s Sexual Assault Survivors: A delayed “coming out”,  to unpack notions of shame, honor, religion and masculinity that come into play when understanding harassment and to explore how cloning the global #metoo might not produce identical results in the global south. Saba is currently working on a documentary film on how football is producing a movement beyond sports among Pakistan’s street children, titled “Concrete Dreams: Some Roads Lead Home”, based on a grant by the Doha Film Institute. She is also working on a documentary film on the journey of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the creation of his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf as a social movement across the country. Saba has recently completed her debut fiction novel, “Skyfall”, slated for publication in Fall-Winter 2019; her work is represented by Writer’s Side.