Piero Messina

Professor Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: MA University of Florence, MA EHESS, Paris

Research Areas: Space and International affairs, space history

Piero holds an advanced degree in International Economic Relations (Political Science) from the University of Florence. He graduated with the 4th Master in Space Studies (1998-1999) from the International Space Universities (Strasbourg) where he had an Adjunct Faculty position. In 2004 he was Adelaide SSP TP Co-Chair for “Lunares”. He holds an advanced Master's degree in History and Sociology of Science and Technology from the École des Hautes Études en Science Sociales (EHESS) in Paris where is also pursuing a PhD focussing on the concept of space diplomacy. He is an auditeur of the French Institut des Hautes Études de Defense Nationale (IHEDN) having completed its 4th national session.

His research areas deal on the interesectio of technology and international affairs with the focus on space activities:

Piero has been working at the European Space Agency for over 30 years in several positions and in different ESA Centres (ESOC, Germany, ESTEC, The Netherlands, and HQ in Paris). Before holding the present position he was, for several years, chief of staff/advisor to successive ESA Directors of human spaceflight and space exploration. Previously he was part of the managing team of the Aurora European Exploration Programme and the Secretary of its Board of participating Member States.

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