Peter Stamatov

Associate Professor of Sociology Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD UCLA

Research Areas: sociology of global and transnational processes, comparative historical sociology, sociology of culture and religion

Peter Stamatov (PhD, University of California Los Angeles, 2006) is Associate Professor of Social Research and Public Policy and Distinguished Researcher and Santander Endowed Chair at the Carlos III-Juan March Institute for the Social Sciences (Madrid). He specializes in the sociology of global and transnational processes, comparative historical sociology and the sociology of culture and religion. A recipient of a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council, his publications include the award-winning The Origins of Global Humanitarianism: Religion, Empires, and Advocacy (Cambridge University Press) as well as a series of scholarly articles on a wide array of topics, such as the theory of ethnicity and nationalism, the political implications of cultural production and consumption, the religious influences on modern institutions of popular mobilization, and the political aspects of humanitarian action.

His current research examines the genesis of modern forms of popular politics and moral norms within the larger European and imperial context with a particular interest in the development of movements and policies for the abolition of slavery. In addition, he is studying the transformation of religious governance regimes in Western Europe since the early adoption of Christianity. At NYU Abu Dhabi Professor Stamatov teaches courses on classical and contemporary social theory.

Peter's research interests include Religion and politics, Empires and imperialis, Social movements and collective action, Historical and comparative methods, Classical and contemporary social theory, Global and transnational processes, Cultural production and consumption, Modern European societies, Ethnicity, nationhood and race.

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