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Battle for tech dominance: China has appropriated the US economic playbook. Can the US reclaim it?
A full-blown trade war is on between the US and China, and we shouldn’t be surprised. The US has used tariffs before to protect its industries, with mixed results. Will the US be better off after imposing this latest round of tariffs? 
Times of India | February 12, 2019

Rewriting history: Sharjah exhibits a modern approach to calligraphy
Game-changing Rules: UAE to Grant 100% Foreign Ownership & 10-Year Visas
Euronews | June 01, 2018

Staff bonuses: there is no right way to reward employees
New research sheds light on the best ways to motivate people.
Financial Times | April 04, 2018

American corporations need a wake-up call
The emerging middle class in China, India and across African countries will soon dwarf the U.S. total consumption, yet U.S. multinational corporations seem to be missing out on the opportunity to tap into this market.
The Hill | November 29, 2017