Myrna Holtz Wooders

Visiting Research Professor Affiliation: Visiting
Education: University of Minnesota

Research Areas: Game Theory, Discrimination, Public Economics, General Equilibrium Theory

Myrna Wooders, Professor of Economics at Vanderbilt University and Visiting Research Profesor at NYUAD, is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, Editor of Journal of Public Economic Theory, President of the Association of Public Economic Theory, Founding Editor of Economics Bulletin, Charter Member of the Game Theory Society, Economic Theory Fellow, and has been an elected member of the Game Theory Society Council. She has held prior positions at the University of Warwick, University of Toronto, and the State University of New York (in reverse order). She has also served on a number of committees dealing with the status of women in the Economics Profession, including the Royal Society Committee on Women, and the American Economic Association Committee on the Status of Women.

Myrna’s current research continues her work on coalition and club theory from both cooperative and noncooperative perspectives. She is also turning to experimental economics, especially discrimination, and also genetic data privacy, and other topics from a theoretical and behavioral perspective. Her recent publication in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (with Edward Cartwright) is unique in that, rather than measuring the biases that individuals bring into the lab, it creates the subject experience in the lab and shows that individuals who are rewarded for their efforts by chance are less able to evaluate the efforts of others compared to those for whom effort pays.

Myrna's research is broad-ranging and includes publications on cooperative and non-cooperative game theory, especially applied to club formation and local public good provision, the evolutionary "battle of the sexes," and whether individuals follow in the footsteps of their parents.

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