Recent Publications

  • Books

    Prager, Laila, Heritage Discourses and Identity Formation in the Contemporary Gulf Region, (Routledge, forthcoming).

    Prager, Laila, and  Sarina Wakefield, (editors)  Museums in Arabia: Artistic and Cultural Processes and Practices, (Routledge, forthcoming).

    Prager, Laila, Sabrina DeTurk and Sarina Wakefield (editors), Gender Constructions and Cultural Representations, (accepted for publication).

    Prajer, Laila, Michael Prager and Guido Sprenger, Parts and Wholes: Essays on Social Morphology, Cosmology, and Exchange. LIT Verlag, 2016.

    Prager, Laila. Die Gemeinschaft des Hauses: Religion, Heiratsstrategien und transnationale Identität türkischer Alawi-/Nusairi-Migranten in Deutschland. Vol. 7. LIT Verlag Münster, 2010.

  • Book Chapters

    Prajer, Laila, “The Miracle of Rebirth: Stigmata, Transmigration and the Remembrance of Former Lives in Alawi Religion,” in: Muslim Bodies: Body, Sexuality, and Medicine in Muslim Societies, co-ed. Susanne Kurz, Claudia Preckel & Stefan Reichmuth (LIT Verlag, 2016), 273-301.

    Prajer, Laila. "From Linearity to Cognation: The Transformation of Alawi Kinship Terminologies (Southeast Turkey)." Parts and Wholes Essays on Social Morphology, Cosmology, and Exchange, ed. Laila Prager, Michael Prager & Guido Sprenger (LIT Verlag, 2016), 145-163.

    Prager, Laila, "Dangerous Liaisons’: Modern Bio-Medical Discourses and Changing Practices of Cousin Marriage in Southeastern Turkey" In Cousin Marriages Between Tradition, Genetic Risk and Cultural Change, Alison Shaw & Aviad Raz (eds..), pp. 88-109. Oxford: Berghahn Books 2015.

  • Journals

    Prager, Laila. "“Gender and Identity in the Gulf: Cultural,” in: Hawwa (Special Issue 2017).

    Prager, Laila. "Displaying Origins: Heritage Museums, Cultural Festivals, and National Imageries in the UAE." Horizons in Humanities and Social Sciences: An International Refereed Journal 1, no. 1 (2015).

    Prager, Laila. "Bedouinity on Stage. The Rise of The Bedouin Soap Opera (Musalsal Badawi) in Arab Television." Nomadic Peoples 18, no. 2 (2014): 53-77.

    Prager, Laila. Reshaping tribal identities in the contemporary Arab world. Berghahn Journals, 18 (2). The Isle of Harris: The White Horse Press, 2014.

    Prager, Laila. "Alawi Ziyāra Tradition and Its Interreligious Dimensions: Sacred Places and Their Contested Meanings among Christians, Alawi and Sunni Muslims in Contemporary Hatay (Turkey)." The Muslim World 103, no. 1 (2013): 41-61.