Working Papers

“Size, Resource Endowment and Survival of States” with S.P. Harish and Kemal Akoz

“Mandala Matters: Former Tributary States and Modern Civil Conflict in Thailand” with Jessica Vechbanyongratana

“Trade and Political Fragmentation on the Silk Roads: The Economic Effects of Historical Exchange between China and the Muslim East” with Lisa Blaydes

“Measuring Cultural Affinity to China: from the Silk Roads to the Belt and Road Initiative” with Lisa Blaydes

“Family Matters in a Meritocracy: Networks, Civil Service Exams and Officialdom in the Joseon Dynasty” with Sok Chul Hong and Yangkeun Yun

“Hate Thy Communist Neighbour in the North: Protestantism and Election Outcomes in South Korea” with Ji Yeon Hong