Working Papers

"Urban Growth and Decline before the 19th century: Comparative Urbanization in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia" with Lisa Blaydes

"Historical State Stability and Economic Development in Europe” with S.P. Harish

"Hate Thy Communist Neighbour in the North: Protestantism and Election Outcomes in South Korea" with Ji Yeon Hong

"A Western Reversal since the Neolithic? The Long-Run Impact of Early Agriculture" with Ola Olsson

"Keeping Pulses on the Soil: Cultivation Practice and the Early Rise of Political Organization"

"Up in the Highlands: A Study of Historical Settlement and Uprising in Tibet"

"Mandala Matters: Former Tributary States and Modern Civil Conflict in Thailand" with Jessica Vechbanyongratana

"Size, Resource Endowment and Survival of States" with S.P. Harish and Kemal Akoz

"The Global Economic Order before (and after) Western Hegemony: Chinese-Middle Eastern Trade from the Silk Road to the Belt and Road Initiative" with Lisa Blaydes