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The (un)fair allocation of scarce vaccines and how maths can provide a solution
The Covid-19 global vaccine roll-out is considered one of the greatest achievements in modern medical history, saving hundreds of thousands of lives. However, it was marred by decisions that saw those most in need of a vaccine in some countries wait too long, while those perceived to be least at risk getting them first. Now, Prof Carlos Alós-Ferrer of the University of Zurich writes about how he and his colleagues’ latest research in Frontiers in Public Health shows that one maths procedure can ensure a fair distribution of scarce vaccines across the globe.
frontiers-Science News | December 13, 2022

Why We Are All Crooked Bankers
A laboratory game shows we might be generous to some, but ruthless to many.
Psychology Today | July 1, 2022

People happily steal from groups even if they are generous one-on-one
Most people play fair in lab tests where they can share or steal small sums of money – yet in real life, unfairness and cheating is common.
New Scientist | July 29, 2021