Carlos Alos-Ferrer

Visiting Professor of Microeconomics Affiliation: Visiting
Education: MSc Unviersity of Valencia; PhD University of Alicante; Habilitation University of Vienna

Research Areas: Neuroeconomics; Decision Theory; Game Theory; Economic Psychology

Carlos Alos-Ferrer is an interdisciplinary researcher between (micro)economics, psychology, and (decision) neuroscience, a NOMIS Professor of Decision Theory and Neuroeconomic Theory at the Zurich Center for Neuroeconomics, and Co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Economic Psychology. He has also been a full professor of Microeconomics at the Universities of Cologne and Konstanz and an associate professor at the Universities of Vienna and Salamanca. His research focuses on how humans make economic decisions, ranging from decisions under risk to strategic decisions (game theory) and voting. His research methods include formal-analytical modeling of bounded rationality, behavioral experiments, and decision neuroscience ("neuroeconomics"). He also maintains a "Decisions and the Brain" blog at Psychology Today and a personal blog at WordPress.

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