Mohammad Tabanjeh

Visiting Professor of Mathematics Affiliation: Visiting
Education: PhD City University of New York; MA City College of New York; MS, BS Yarmouk University

Research Areas: Computational Mathematics and Computer Algebra: Algebraic and numerical computations with dense structured matrices and fast algorithms.

Dr. Mohammad Tabanjeh is a Professor of Mathematics with nearly two-decade of experiences in teaching and research. His research focuses on the Algebraic and Numerical computations with dense, structured matrices and fast algorithms with applications to polynomials and rational evaluations and interpolations, signal processing, control, and linear system theory. Dr. Tabanjeh has published numerous papers and made several presentations at local, national, and international conferences such as the MAA, AMS, SIAM, and ISSAC. He has supervised more than 12 masters’ theses and PhD dissertations and served as editor for Theoretical and Computer Science Journal and Advances in Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory Journal. He has taught a wide range of courses at both the undergraduate and the graduate level across the math curriculum such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, and Abstract Algebra. He served as a director of the graduate program in mathematics and has developed several new courses in mathematics. Dr. Tabanjeh has received an outstanding teaching award for his dedication to students’ learning.