Hulda Thorisdottir

Visiting Associate Professor of Psychology Affiliation: Visiting
Education: PhD New York University

Research Areas: Ideology, Voting Behavior, Turnout

Hulda Thórisdóttir is an Associate Professor within the Psychology and Political Science Departments at the University of Iceland. She received her Ph.D. in social psychology from New York University (2007) and worked subsequently for two years as a post-doc at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs at Princeton University. She studies political ideology, its structure, causes and consequences. Inspired by her own reaction as a brand-new resident in New York city after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she has studied how fear changes people’s political leanings and what psychological process might explain it (Thorisdottir & Jost, 2012). Among other work, she has also written about the psychology of the 2008 economic crisis, political polarization, and the structure of political attitudes. Along with other team members, she runs the Icelandic National Election Studies.

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