Anja Karin Achtziger

Visiting Associate Professor of Psychology Affiliation: Visiting
Education: Diploma in Psychology Technical University of Darmstadt; PhD University of Konstanz

Research Areas: Decision-making, Self-control, Motivation

Anja graduated in Psychology in 1997 (Technical University of Darmstadt) and received her PhD in Psychology in 2003 (University of Konstanz). She worked as Assistant Professor and temporary Professor of Social Psychology and Motivation at the University of Konstanz. She later moved to the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, there she holds the Chair in Social and Economic Psychology.

Since March 2018 Anja is the speaker of the research unit “Psychoeconomics,” funded by the German Research Foundation. Anja is an associate editor of the Journal of Economic Psychology. She is the deputy speaker of the coordination committee of the Consumer Research Network of the Federal Government of Germany appointed by the Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection.

Anja Achtziger’s research focuses on human decision making, self-control, and motivation. She uses a multi-method approach to investigate human cognition, with techniques encompassing laboratory and field experiments, eye-tracking, and electroencephalography (EEG). Her work ins interdisciplinary and includes cooperation with researchers from economics, management science, consumer research, computer science, and ethics. Her most recent research project, on the consequences of using algorithmic decision-making systems in legal systems for society, is “Deciding about, by, and together with algorithmic decision-making systems,” funded by the Volkswagen Foundation in its program “Artificial Intelligence and the Society of The Future.”

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