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2016 Imagine Science Film Festival Program

Following the success of its first Abu Dhabi-based festival in February 2015, Imagine Science Films returns for a second season next month with an even more robust program intended to provide the general public a window to the complexities of science through the accessibility of film.

Inaugural Imagine Science Film Festival in Abu Dhabi

New York based film festival Imagine Science Films, in partnership with NYU Abu Dhabi, will present the singular science film festival in Abu Dhabi from February 19 – 21, 2015 in collaboration with the NYUAD Institute and the NYUAD Arts Center.

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Science and Culture: Raw data videos offer a glimpse into laboratory research
In one video, a pair of detached butterfly wings slowly change colors from pale yellow to dark spots with splashes of orange. In another, a mouse explores a raised circular platform, peering at a checkerboard pattern on the floor below. A third clip shows a worm undulating in a funnel-shaped enclosure, bending tiny “pillars” with its body.
PNAS | September 11, 2018

Meet The Filmmaker Who's Leading The Science New Wave
If fruit flies of the world had an unofficial spokesperson, it would be Alexis Gambis, a French Venezuelan scientist turned filmmaker and our guest on this week's episode of The Limit Does Not Exist.
Forbes | June 12, 2017