Moduli Spaces of Super Riemann surfaces

The goals of the research are to construct and describe the moduli space of super Riemann surfaces of genus zero with Ramond punctures, needed for the computation of the partition function and correlators of the Ramond sector of superstring theory. There are two types of punctures on super Riemann surfaces, Neveu-Schwarz punctures and Ramond punctures. The moduli space of Neveu-Schwarz punctures is well understood, whereas there are only preliminary results on understanding a small, purely bosonic part of the moduli space of genus zero super Riemann surfaces with Ramond punctures, initiated by Edward Witten in a 2012 paper Notes On Super Riemann Surfaces And Their Moduli. The objective is to construct the moduli space of genus zero super Riemann surface with n Ramond punctures and compute the partition function.