NYU Abu Dhabi's research program continues to evolve, thus helping Abu Dhabi become a recognized world center for scientific discovery and innovation.

NYUAD has established scientific labs and centers that address issues of local, regional, and global significance such as predicting sea level change, better understanding of Arabian Gulf ecosystems, and improving public health in the UAE. Significant investments have been made in research equipment and instrumentation, with core facilities established in critical research areas like imaging and microscopy, genetic sequencing, and materials science.

Latest News

Antje von Suchodoletz, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Professor von Suchodoletz's research is broadly focused on optimizing children's development. In her research, she emphasizes the interactional and contextual nature of learning and development. Her current work focuses on helping schools develop their readiness to implement effective teaching strategies and to improve young children's learning-related skills (including self-regulation and social competence). She is also interested in physiological and biological foundations of self-regulation and how classroom processes and teacher-child-relationships relate to these processes.

March, 2019
Assistant Professor of Psychology Antje von Suchodoletz recently published a manuscript entitled Examination of Teacher-Child Interactions in Early Childhood Education Programmes in the United Arab Emirates. Suchodoletz, A. v., Barza, L., & Larsen, R. A. A. (2019). International Journal of Early Years Education.

Another paper, Associations Between Effortful and Automatic Aspects of Self-Regulation in Kindergarten Children, presented at the Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology Conference 2019 in Singapore, received the Best Paper Award.  Suchodoletz, A. v., Larsen, R. A., & Nadyukova, I. (2019).

A third paper, also looking at classroom process in the UAE, was recently featured in The National.  
Patterns of Dialogic Teaching in Kindergarten Classrooms of Finland and the United Arab Emirates.
E. Muhonen, Heli & Pakarinen, Eija & Lerkkanen, Marja-Kristiina & Barza, Lydia & Suchodoletz, Antje. (2018). Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 10.1016.

Finally, Professor von Suchodoletz recently received the Global TIES for Children NYU Abu Dhabi Faculty 2019 Seed Award for the project entitled Exploring the Feasibility of Physiological Measures in the Study of Caregiver-Child Interactions in Humanitarian and Fragile  Settings, together with Dr. Rana Dajani, Founder and Director of We Love Reading and Professor at Hashemite University Jordan.

February, 2019
Associate Professor of Chemistry Panče Naumov recently published a manuscript in Nature Communications, entitled Thermochemiluminescent Peroxide Crystals. Schramm, Stefan; Karothu, Durga P.; Lui, Nathan M.; Commins, Patrick; Ahmed, Ejaz; Catalano, Luca; Weston, James; Moriwaki, Taro; Solnstev, Kyril M.; Naumov, Panče*. (2019). Nature Communications. 10, 997.

"This paper highlights The Naumov Group’s work with new materials for alternative approaches to energy transduction. We made a solid material that converts heat into light by using a chemical reaction. It emits light, similar to a little lantern when you heat it to ~100 C," explains Naumov.

Naumov and his research group published another manuscript in February, entitled Direct Quantification of Rapid and Efficient Single-Stroke Actuation by a Martensitic Transition in a Thermosalient Crystal. Khalil, Abdullah; Karothu, Durga Prasad.; Naumov, Panče*.  (2019). Journal of the American Chemical Society. 141, 3371—3375.

"The robots of the future will be soft and organic. In this work we determined, for the first time, the work that rapidly moving organic crystals can perform when they are heated over their phase transition temperature. These materials could become moving parts in future all-organic soft micro/nanorobots," says Naumov.

Panče Naumov, Associate Professor of Chemistry

The general research interests of the Naumov Research Group span a broad range of advanced materials science topics, and the specific research foci are related to four directions:

  • Smart materials for energy transduction in electronics and soft robotics
  • Functional molecular solids, dynamic crystalline materials, actuators
  • Organic and molecular solid materials, crystallography
  • Petroleomics (chemistry of oil)

News In Brief

  • Genetics and Identity Conference February 19, 2019 - Professors Stephane Boissinot, Youssef Idaghdour, Piergiorgio Percipalle and Kirsten Sadler-Edepli co-organized an international symposium on the topics of genetics and identity. This symposium brought to campus distinguished, international scientists and social scientists to discuss the issues raised by recent progress in genetics. This symposium was co-organized by colleagues in the Division of Social Science.    
    weSTEM Conference

    16 February, 2019 - NYU Abu Dhabi's weSTEM student interest group hosted its annual High School Conference at NYUAD.  Over 80 girls from over 15 Abu Dhabi high schools attending a day of STEM-related events at NYUAD. Associate Professor of Biology and Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity Kirsten Sadler Edepli served as the faculty sponsor, gave the introductory remarks and hosted two workshops.
    Coral Algal Paper

    February 11, 2019 - Associate Professor of Biology John Burt and Research Scientist Edward Smith published an article titled SymPortal: A Novel Analytical Framework and Platform for Coral Algal Symbiont Next-Generation Sequencing ITS2 Profiling. Hume, B. C., Smith, E. G., Ziegler, M. , Warrington, H. J., Burt, J. A., LaJeunesse, T. C., Wiedenmann, J. and Voolstra, C. (2019), Mol Ecol Resour

    This paper introduces a novel analytical platform for the analyses of genes of coral-associated symbionts to identify hidden diversity.
    New Species of Frog Paper February 12, 2019 - Professor of Biology Stephane Boissinot published a manuscript entitled A New Species of Puddle Frog from an Unexplored Mountain in Southwestern Ethiopia (Anura, Phrynobatrachidae, Phrynobatrachus). Goutte, S., Reyes-Velasco, J., & Boissinot, S. (2019). Zookeys, Vol. 824, pp.53-70.

    The article describes a new species of frog that was previously unknown to science. It was discovered in an unexplored forest in the southwest of Ethiopia.
    Reptile Genomes Paper
    February 9, 2019 - Professor of Biology Stephane Boissinot published a manuscript entitled The Mobilome of Reptiles: Evolution, Structure and Function. Boissinot, S., Bourgeois, Y., Manthey, J.D., & Ruggiero, R.P. (2019). Cytogenetics and Genome Research, 157:21-33.

    This is the first review of the genomic era on the evolution of transposable elements in reptile genomes.
    Genomes Presentation February 3, 2019 - Associate Professor of Biology Kourosh Salehi-Ashtiani gave a presentation entitled Genomes and Metabolomes of Coastal UAE Microalgae at a bioengineering workshop at The American University of Sharjah.

Featured Media Articles

NYUAD Abu Dhabi Invites Submissions for Summer Research
NYUAD has opened applications for its Visiting Undergraduate Research Programme, available to undergraduate students from universities across the UAE. 
Gulf Today | March 16, 2019

Solid State Thermochemiluminescence Achieved with Crystals by NYU Abu Dhabi
Researchers from the NYU Abu Dhabi’s Chemistry Programme have developed macroscopic organic crystals that emit light when heated, a process referred to as thermochemiluminescence that was previously reported only in solution.
Emirates News Agency | March 02, 2019

NYUAD Scientists Discover Tiny New Frog Species in Ethiopia
Abu Dhabi researchers have discovered a new frog species in a remote Ethiopian jungle, highlighting, they say, the importance of preserving vanishing forests.
The National | February 13, 2019



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