Latest News from the Psychology Program

NYUAD Study Predicts Motion Sickness Severity
A study led by Head of the Rokers Vision Laboratory and NYUAD Associate Professor of Psychology Bas Rokers explored why the severity of motion sickness varies from person to person by investigating sources of cybersickness during VR use.

The Psychological Impact of COVID-19
Researchers at NYU Abu Dhabi are looking at the psychological impact of COVID-19 and human resilience in the face of a generational global challenge.

Leaving No Child Behind
The threat of COVID-19 to our global healthcare system is unprecedented, but the coronavirus is also precipitating a global education crisis that risks stalling the development of an entire generation. Research could help governments educate students who have been forced out of the classroom.

NYUAD Researcher Sheds New Light on the Psychology of Radicalization
Learning more about what motivates people to join violent ideological groups and engage in acts of cruelty against others is of great social and societal importance. New research explores the idea of ideological obsession as a form of addictive behavior, and explores how best to help break this addiction.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging
A number of our psychologists use MRI to study the brain’s structural features and functional activities so they can better understand how we perceive and remember things, and how we process language. Their work provides groundbreaking insights into the cognitive human experience.

City Life. It's In Our Nature
Humans move to cities to satisfy an overwhelming natural instinct to connect with each other. Jaime Napier, assistant professor of psychology, says at the core of our survival instinct, humans are social animals — constantly striving to be a part of a group that possess “a fundamental motive to belong.” 

Growing Up Global
Research by Theodore Waters and Antje von Suchodoletz, both assistant professors of psychology at NYU Abu Dhabi, seeks to determine similarities and differences related to childhood development across cultures.

A Selection of Recent Publications

Below is a selection of recent publication highlights from the Psychology Program. The full citations are not listed but can be accessed through the links.

When Diversity Leads to Closed-mindedness: Cognitive Factors Explain the Effects of Perceived Diversity
Jocelyn Bélanger | Current Psychology

Lockdown Lives: Inter-relationships Amongst Feelings of Loneliness, Social Contacts and Solidarity During the COVID-19 Lockdown
Jocelyn Bélanger | Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

The Extrafoveal Preview Paradigm as a Measure of Predictive, Active Sampling in Visual Perception
David Melcher | The Journal of Vision

Shared Resources Between Visual Attention and Visual Working Memory are Allocated through Rhythmic Sampling
David Melcher | European Journal of Neuroscience

Working Memory Representations in Visual Cortex Mediate Distraction Effects
Kartik Sreenivasan | Nature Communications

Associations of Risk Perception of COVID-19 with Emotion and Mental Health During the Pandemic
Jocelyn Bélanger | Journal of Affective Disorders

A Direct Comparison of Central Tendency Recall and Temporal Integration in the Successive Field Iconic Memory Task
David Melcher | Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics

The Behavioural Preview Effect with Faces is Susceptible to Statistical Regularities: Evidence for Predictive Processing Across the Saccade
David Melcher | Scientific Reports

Reading for Pleasure Among Jordanian Children: A Community-based Reading Intervention
Antje von Suchodoletz | Journal of Research in Reading

Increasing Secure Base Script Knowledge Among Parents with Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up
Theodore Waters Development and Psychopathology