Latest News from the Computer Science Program

Researchers Discover Security Flaws that Make Protected Wi-Fi Networks Vulnerable
Improved security measures are being implemented by IT specialists at leading technology companies as a result of these findings

NYUAD Alumni at Apple Entrepreneur Camp
NYUAD Alumni and imagiLabs co-founders Dora Palfi, Beatrice Ionascu, and Paula Dozsa met while studying computer science at NYUAD. 

Researchers Develop Large-scale Readability Leveled Thesaurus in Arabic
The one-of-a-kind interface provides possible roots, English glosses, related Arabic words and phrases, and a five-level readability scale for a user-provided Arabic word

From NYUAD to Google
Class of 2020 Alumnus Daniel Watson Secures Place in Competitive AI Residency Program

Another Tool in the Shed Against COVID-19
A new tool out of NYU Abu Dhabi could help policymakers assess their options in the battle against the pandemic.

A Timely Capstone Project
Anh Mai's research could inform government policy on COVID-19

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Recent Publications

Below is a selection of recent publication highlights from the Computer Science Program. The full citations are not listed but can be accessed through the links.

Language Models in Sociological Research: An Application to Classifying Large Administrative Data and Measuring Religiosity
Nizar Habash, Mai Oudah | Sociological Methodology

WebTune: A Distributed Platform for Web Performance Measurements Conference
Yasir Zaki | 2021 Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference

Strategic Evasion of Centrality Measures
Talal Rahwan | 20th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

Traffic Networks are Vulnerable to Disinformation Attacks
Talal Rahwan | Scientific Reports