Latest News from the Chemistry Program

Visualizing the Solution Structures of DNA and RNA Double-stranded Helices

The Kirmizialtin Lab in collaboration with The Pollack Lab at Cornell University, USA, have developed a method that integrates simulations and experiments to resolve the structural details in double-stranded DNA and RNA helices. The collaborative findings, led by NYUAD PhD student Weiwei He, have been published in Science Advances.

Researchers Develop Materials For Oral Delivery of Insulin Medication

A revolutionary technology developed within the Trabolsi Research Group at NYU Abu Dhabi could dramatically improve the well-being of diabetic patients through a simple and straightforward insulin oral delivery system that could replace traditional subcutaneous injections, without the side effects caused by frequent injection.

Researchers Shed New Light on Mysteries Behind Light Emission of Fireflies

A team of researchers from the Smart Materials Lab (SML) led by Professor of Chemistry Panče Naumov has conducted a thorough review of the scientific literature surrounding bioluminescence, and developed conclusions that will help others in the field direct their research to uncover the mysteries behind this fascinating natural phenomenon.