Science Division Labs

Baias Research Group

Focus: develop methods for high-pressure NMR crystallography with the aim of characterizing polymorphism in complex crystalline materials when subjected to high pressure conditions.

Chaudhury Lab

Focus: investigate functional changes in cellular and molecular mechanism in neural circuits connecting the circadian and sleep/wake centers of the brain to regions associated with mood disorders such as depression.

Design Technology Lab

Focus: how technology influences and shapes society and educate students on technology design.

Dore Lab

Focus: to increase our understanding of biology and medicine, the scientific community requires the continued development of new technologies for studying and manipulating cell physiology.

Fougnie Lab

Focus: visual attention and visual working memory processes.

Kirmizialtin Lab

Focus: integrate computer simulations and experiments to study the complex biomolecular machinery.

Language, Mind, and Brain

Focus: investigate the nature of the cognitive and neural architecture that supports the human language system and how it interfaces with other cognitive faculties.

Marine Biology Lab

Focus: to study coral reef ecology in extreme environments and to understand how these may serve as a model for the possible impacts of future climate change on reefs elsewhere.

Marine Microbial Ecology - Amin Lab

Focus: to study how ocean organisms interact with each other and how these interactions influence their ecosystem, from coral health to algal blooms, and bioprospecting.

Nano and Biomaterials Research Lab

Focus: the development of supercritical CO2-based processes to create nanoscale building blocks and their self-assembly into novel materials.

Naumov Group

Focus: structural aspects of novel materials for efficient conversion of light, chemical, thermal, and mechanical energy in the solid state.

NMR Group

Focus: application of high resolution NMR methods to proteins.

Sadler Edepli Lab

Focus: use of zebrafish as a model system to accomplish identify targets to treat liver diseases.

Sreenivasan Lab

Focus: neurobiological basis of working memory, which is the process that allows us to actively hold onto information over brief periods.

Trabolsi Research Group

Focus: utilize the concepts of molecular/ionic recognition coupled to self-assembly for the fabrication of multi-functional materials.

Volcic Lab

Focus: study the mechanisms underlying multisensory perception and motor behavior to understand how sensory information is used to guide our actions and how our interactions with the surrounding environment shape our perception.

NYUAD Institute Labs

Center for Genomics and Systems Biology

Focus: to provide a nexus for cutting-edge life sciences research in the Emirates, with world-class facilities and resources to promote innovative advances in genomics and systems biology.

Center for Prototype Climate Modeling

Focus: to bridge the gap between climate theory, modeling, and observation, with the goal of better understanding fundamental processes in the earth system, and improving our ability to predict future climate

Center for Space Science

Focus: the role of rotating convection and large-scale flows in the generation and maintenance of magnetic fields in the Sun and stars.

Neuroscience of Language Lab

Focus: to answer questions as to how the brain mediates the most critical aspects of our communication system, and which properties of the mind/brain facilitate the seemingly effortless processing of language, ranging from the analysis of speech sounds to the construction of meaning.