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Print and Probe

3D printers are changing the way scientists conduct research. NYUAD biomedical engineers designed and printed a complex microfluidic probe used in cancer research that works just as effectively as the original.

PhD Researcher Wins Notable Award

Global PhD Fellow Muhammad Yasin won best thesis for his work on groundbreaking hardware security research in the Design for Excellence Lab at NYUAD.

Security in a Digital World

Ozgur Sinanoglu and his team of engineers have devised the unhackable chip — an innovation that may have a huge impact on an industry that loses up to $4 billion USD each year to digital piracy.

Roads of Progress

Tembine Hamidou, an expert in smart transportation, never expected his work on the Abu Dhabi road network to lead him across Africa.

At the Forefront

Cryptologist Hoda Al Khzaimi is a leader in the field of digital security.

Protecting Coastlines

Simulation tracking of commuter movements using cell phone location data can help engineers predict how drivers will react if roads are flooded.

Smart Cities

NYU Abu Dhabi engineers are working on new ways to ease traffic congestion.

Stop Cyberattacks

Security researchers reveal how to protect the power grid from low-budget attacks.

In the News

NYU Abu Dhabi engineering faculty and researchers are frequently featured in local and international media.

UAE buildings still at risk from earthquakes, warns scientist
NYU Abu Dhabi professor leads research into the dangers of soil ‘liquefaction’
The National | September 16, 2018

Online security needs continual adjustment to tackle hacking: Expert
Chaotic data breaches have characterized the state of affairs in cyberspace in the recent past.
Kenya News | July 10, 2018

UAE women's rights champion finding a formula for gender equality in the sciences
Hoda Al Khzaimi is aiming to empower women in science by assisting them with scholarships, resources, funding and a support network.
The National | June 28, 2018

UAE bucks global trend as women lead the way in science studies
More women in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East are enrolling in science and technology subjects than in many countries.
The National | June 28, 2018

Abu Dhabi pupils are first to learn handwriting with robotic helper
Two classes at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi are involved in the study. The technology was developed by Mohamad Eid, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi.
The National | May 27, 2018

Tech for good: how drone technology is changing emergency rescue missions
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Antonios Tzes has been manning a project across five different universities in five countries, to develop drones for use inside buildings, particularly in fire situations.
Evening Standard | May 10, 2018

Autonomous drones will fly into danger zones for emergency services
Automated drones will use sophisticated visual systems and machine learning techniques to carry out search and rescue missions where humans fear to tread.
Computer Weekly | Apr 9, 2018

Why we need more women in cybersecurity
Women continue to be underrepresented in the cybersecurity workforce, which leads to missed opportunities for today’s organisations to acquire the best information security talents. But what is holding the security industry back from attracting more women in the field?
Tahawul Tech | April 03, 2018

Keyhole surgery needs to be faster and less expensive – and for that we need better tools
We are developing a surgical robotic arm as part of research at NYU Abu Dhabi, where our engineering faculty are currently in the process of refining a snakelike, downsized version of the traditional fixed option.
Health Spectator | March 16, 2018

International forum in Abu Dhabi: How can robots improve the quality of life.
NYUAD hosted the first International Intelligent Robots Symposium.
:24 (in Arabic) | March 12, 2018

Experts: UAE is a leader in the adoption of artificial intelligence
Experts confirmed that robots are key drivers of UAE Vision 2021, noting that the UAE is a leader in the adoption of artificial intelligence and robotics as a strategic plan to achieve long-term economic growth and improve quality of life.
Al Bayan (in Arabic) | March 13, 2018

The International Robotics Forum kicked off in Abu Dhabi
The forum brings together a group of researchers to discuss the development of intelligent robots. Intensive research efforts have been devoted over the past few decades to the development of intelligent robots and research into the fundamental challenges facing human beings' coexistence with robots.
Al Ain (in Arabic) | March 12, 2018

Robots could help make heart surgery minimally invasive
Within the next five years, robotics technology could allow surgeons to offer minimally invasive heart surgeries to patients in the UAE,  top researcher Antonios Tzes said in the capital on Monday.
Gulf News | March 12, 2018

Next generation robots will be more human
The next generation of humanoids may be able to do most things that humans do including climbing stairs, walking for many hours, walking in rough terrains and even fixing problems in complex disaster situations, where it's very dangerous for humans.
Khaleej Times | March 12, 2018

Robot to help its kind connect with humans
TIAGo, a mobile manipulator with navigation, perception and grasping abilities, is one the robots on display at the first International Intelligent Robots Symposium at New York University Abu Dhabi.
Khaleej Times | March 12, 2018

UAE symposium hears about the possibilities – and limits – of social robotics
Will you be ordering your future lattes from a robot barista? Speaking to students at NYUAD, a robotics pioneer says that robots are not quite as advanced as you might think.
The National | February 04, 2018

NYU Abu Dhabi invention to detect food contamination wins gold
Jian Gao, PhD candidate in engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi, is investigating how a next generation model of mobile communications could be the key to faster cell service, fewer dropped calls, and cheaper phone bills.
The National | January 14, 2018

Taking on the GCC’s cyber criminals
With cyber-attacks on the rise, a major skills shortage, and digital development continuing apace, just how secure is the region’s cybersecurity industry?
Gulf Business | January 7, 2018

NYUAD engineers say 'croudforwarding' is key to better mobile service
A simple test to detect contaminated food developed by a team from New York University Abu Dhabi has won a major prize in the United States.
Tahawul Tech | December 20, 2017

Device-to-Device Cell Phone Networks Could Be the Key to Better Mobile Service
NYU Abu Dhabi engineers are exploring communication possibilities for the 5G generation.
Zawaya | December 21, 2017

World Arabic Language Day: The Fight to Keep Arabic Relevant
The role of new technology and how to harness it offers a tantalising look both forwards and back through time.
Algebra, algorithm, zero, zenith, alchemy, lute, calibre, coffee. 
The National | December 18, 2017

Echo Festival Concludes in Dubai (Video)
Under the theme of interaction with the future, the first edition of the Eco-Design and Technology Festival (ECO) was concluded in Dubai. The festival brought together the latest innovations in technology related to design, visual arts and audio.
SkyNews (Arabic) December 16, 2017

PhD candidate Jian Gao received the Best Paper Award
PhD candidate Jian Gao received the Best Paper Award at  the international conference on wireless networks and mobile communications (WINCOM'17). The awarded article entitled "Empathy and Berge equilibria in the Forwarding Dilemma in Relay-Enabled Networks" investigates  Device-to-Device communications  to enhance service coverage, particularly at cell edges or in hot spots within a neighborhood through relaying and forwarding.  
WINCOM |  November 1-4, 2017

They provided different approaches to solve the forwarding problem in multi-hop relay-enabled networks by means of empathy, mutual support and partial altruism between nodes.NYU Abu Dhabi team redefines sustainable living
A dedicated team of students and faculty from NYU Abu Dhabi is set to unveil their design for the first-ever LEED certified sustainable agricultural tourism destination in the UAE at the 19th edition of the Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) from Oct.23 to 25 in Dubai.
Gulf Today | October 23, 2017

NYUAD students scale new heights, track Burj shadow
Abu Dhabi Students of NYU Abu Dhabi have scaled new heights by using the Burj Khalifa as a tool for scientific enquiry to track its imposing shadow and study the rotation of the Earth.
Gulf News | November 01, 2017

'Unhackable' Electronic Chip Being Developed in Abu Dhabi
With the evolution of technology and manufacturing process giving way to less safety, researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi have just received a grant to deploy their work into a solution.
The National | October 22, 2017

Ethical Hackers: The Moroccan Entrepreneurs Battling Cybercrime
Moroccan entrepreneurs, Mohamed Amine Belarbi and Mohamed Zakariae El Khdime, are going into battle with the world’s cyber-criminals—protecting some of the biggest names in the Middle East by hacking their systems.
Forbes Middle East | September 20, 2017

2017-2919 Next Einstein Forum Fellows  Tembine Hamidou
The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) today announces its second Fellows Class, 16 scientists, all under 42 years of age, who are solving Africa’s and the world’s challenges.
Next Einstein Forum | September 12, 2017

NYU Abu Dhabi researchers develop unhackable computer chip
This is the first working prototype of a chip that has security features or locks implemented as part of its hardware design, protecting it from hardware-level threats.
The National | August 20, 2017

Study looks at how to ease Abu Dhabi traffic congestion
A research project at NYU Abu Dhabi is creating a simulated model of Abu Dhabi's roads.
Gulf News | July 27, 2017

NYU Abu Dhabi: Fostering Entrepreneurs
CNN Money | June 2017

Professors build AI to help autonomous vehicles locate themselves on a map
Self-driving cars will need onboard artificial intelligence (AI) technology able to link them to highly detailed maps that reflect every change in the status of lanes, hazards, obstacles, and speed-limits in real time. | February 16, 2017