NYUAD Researchers Develop New Tool for Performing Cancer Liquid Biopsy
March 23, 2020

A team of engineering researchers from NYU Abu Dhabi, led by NYUAD Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Mohammad A. Qasaimeh, has developed a microfluidic platform that is compatible with cutting-edge procedures of atomic force microscopy (AFM). The new platform enables the study of the mechanical properties of circulating tumor cells.


Book Release 

Ecosystem Arabia featuring a chapter by Ramesh Jagannathan, Research Professor of Engineering - a must read for the stakeholders in the UAE and MENA.

March 2020

NYUAD Faculty Summer Scholar Award
Congratulations to Farah Shamout, Margaret Julias and Yong-Ak (Rafael) Song; NYUAD Faculty Summer Scholars recipients for 2019-2020. This award, first granted in 2018, aims to enhance NYUAD faculty excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service which is vital to the innovative and vibrant culture of NYUAD.
March 2020

Borja Garcia de Soto, Assistant Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering hsd been elected to the IAARC BOD
January 2020

Mohammed Daqaq, Program Head and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, on becoming an ASME Fellow.
October 2019

News Bulletin

Construction industry’s long-overdue shift to digital raises threat of cyber attacks
Borja Garcia de Soto, Assistant Professor, Civil and Urban Engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi, talks about how the construction industry is preparing for the impact the digital world will have on the industry.
- June 25, 2019

WIRED | Opinion: The Construction Industry needs a Robot Revolution
Borja Garcia de Soto, Assistant Professor Civil and Urban Engineering, debates about the future of work where technology is often portrayed as the villain.
- June 4, 2019

Podcast: In Conversation with Dr. Saif Jabari
Dr. Saif Jabari from NYU Abu Dhabi has done some research that found that motorists would pay more to change lanes and get ahead of other drivers - a live interview with the Dubai Eye on "The Agenda" Podcast with Tom Urquhart.
- May 8, 2019

The National | UAE traffic congestion: would you pay to have priority over other motorists?
Saif Jabari, Assistant Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering at NYUAD, believes a system of micro-payments could revolutionise the way cars interact.
- May 6, 2019

A new breakthrough lowers the footprint of making both concrete and fresh water
Cement is typically manufactured through a carbon-intensive heating process, but Kemal Celik and his team think they can make a cleaner version.
- April 26, 2019

Podcast: Has the World's First Unhackable Chip Arrived?
Ozgur Sinanoglu, Associate Dean of Engineering,  claims that he and his colleagues have designed an unhackable chip. Given last year’s Meltdown and Spectre producing a chip capable of repelling attacks would restore peace of mind to everyone from government agencies to private companies.
- April 5, 2019

CNN Video | Is Artificial Intelligence the future of Education?
Featuring Ramesh Jagannathan,  Vice Provost of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Managing Director of StartAD. Source: CNN Business

- March, 2019

Opinion: How to fund the growth of the region's entrepreneurs
"Developing an angel investor pool in the Middle East will create more opportunities and will strengthen regional economic growth", writes Ramesh Jagannathan, Vice Provost of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Managing Director of StartAD. In this opinion piece, he talks about how angel investors fill the void of funding early-stage start-ups created by venture capital firms in the region.
- March 16, 2019

Podcast: StartAD's Ramesh Jagannathan on innovation in the UAE
Vice Provost for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Managing Director of StartAD talks to us about entrepreneurship, and how vital it is to the UAE's commercial outlook in this week's episode.
- March 7, 2019

Samer Madanat to deliver the C.C. Mei Distinguished Seminar at MIT in April.
The MIT C.C. Mei Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) was established in 2015 in honor of Fluid Mechanics and Mechanics Professor Chiang Mei.  In addition to the fluid mechanics and mechanics cores, this series aims at hosting a number of speakers from diverse areas relevant to the CEE community. This series aims at bringing highly distinguished researchers in engineering and science for talks that are high profile, accessible, and advertised to all of MIT and the larger Boston area.
- March 5, 2019

Professor receives TRB Cunard Award
Professor Monica Menendez, Civil Engineering, and her student and colleagues were awarded the Transportation Research Board's Cunard Award, for 'The Best Paper' across TRB's Operations Section for their paper: Introducing a re-sampling methodology for the estimation of empirical macroscopic fundamental diagrams, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, (2018).
- February 28, 2019

Professor delivers keynote address at Abu Dhabi conference
Professor Borja Garcia de Soto delivered a keynote lecture titled “Towards an Innovative and Productive Construction Industry” at the 2nd International Conference in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Project Management, where he highlighted some of the current research of the S.M.A.R.T. Construction Research Group, led by him. 
February 5, 2019

Mechanical Engineering Senior, Alexander MacKay humbled to be welcomed into the 2020 cohort of Schwarzman Scholars
NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) senior Alexander MacKay has been selected to the 2020 cohort of Schwarzman Scholars, one of the world’s most prestigious graduate fellowships, which welcomes young leaders from around the world to Tsinghua University in Beijing for a Masters in Global Affairs, with concentrations in one of the following disciplines: public policy, economics and business, and international studies.
- December 4, 2018