Christoforos Vasilatos

Associate Instructor of Engineering Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BSc Electrical and Computer Engineering; MEng Software Engineering and Telecommunications from National and Technical University of Athens

Research Areas: Software Engineering; Scrum

Christoforos Vasilatos is a Software and Computer Engineer with specialization in Software Engineering and Telecommunications. He graduated with a Master's degree from National and Technical University of Athens, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Christoforos has been working for 11 years in the industry as a Software Engineer and specifically as a Java backend software engineer. He has been working on multiple domains of the software industry, from specification's requirements, implementation and architectural decisions up to the solution delivery and user acceptance tests. Christoforos applied this knowledge to multiple national and international projects. He is a strong supporter of agile methodologies in organizing development teams, and he is a Profession Scrum Master since 2019.

On February 2018 he joined academia as an Associate Instructor of Computer Engineering in the Engineering Division of New York University in Abu Dhabi. He is putting an effort into transforming labs of undergraduate courses to something that is more attached to real-life projects.

Christoforos participated in many projects that are serving many people around the world till now:

  • Spot Management System (Star Channel) as part of the DoubleIP development team

ActionStreamer Provisioning and Discovery platforms in many telecommunication providers around the world like:

At NYUAD, he is successfully assisting with course lectures, and he is developing and teaching the labs of the following courses:

  • ENGR-UH 3511 - Computer Organization and Architecture
  • ENGR-UH 3510 - Data Structures and Algorithms
  • ENGR-UH 2510 - Object-Oriented Programming
  • ENGR-UH-1000 - Computer Programming for Engineers