Research Interests

  • Instrumentation, sensor design and applications, controllers, actuators, data acquisition and analysis and signal processing, non-destructive testing
  • Electric power production, energy harvesting, energy conservation, renewable energy sources
  • Biomimetics for power production and optimization
  • Alternate fuel systems, fuel reformation
  • HVAC&R, pneumatics and hydraulics, fluid controls
  • Thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics
  • High-voltage engineering, experimental plasma physics for energy and propulsion
  • Applied aerodynamics and gas dynamics
  • Wind tunnel testing (subsonic to hypersonic)
  • Experimental study of detonation, deflagration, and high-speed combustion
  • Air-breathing and rocket propulsion (subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic)
  • Advanced propulsion concepts, including pulsed detonation (PDE) and continuous detonation engines (CDE), nuclear, electric and plasma propulsion.