Center for Cyber Security (CCS)

CCS-AD will build the capacity needed for high impact research programs in cyber security and execute multidisciplinary research in security and privacy that has both scholarly merit, and practical applications that will be commercialized. Collaborative research will be conducted by NYU and partner university faculty, and a core group of on-site researchers in Abu Dhabi, including research professors, postdocs, and graduate students, in partnership with industry and government agencies.

Photonics Research Lab

Dr. Mahmoud Rasras research group in NYU Abu Dhabi focuses on developing novel photonics and optoelectronics components to address the limitations of communication bandwidth in next generation communication links. Also to realize components for all-optical logic technology used in high-speed data encryption. Another aspect of his group research is to explore integrated optical sensors and opto-MEMS technology for motion sensing and biomedical applications.