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The Most Important Indian Philosophy Books
T.S. Eliot once wrote that the great philosophers of India, “make most of the great European philosophers look like schoolboys”; such is the complexity of Indian philosophy. Given that complexity, I knew that compiling a list of the most important Indian philosophy books wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.
The Reading List | March 9, 2019

NYUAD Professor Receives Middle East Education Leadership Award
Jonardon Ganeri, Arts and Humanities Professor of Philosophy at the New York University Abu Dhabi, NYUAD, was awarded the Middle East Education Leadership Award for Best Professor in Philosophy.
WAM | October 18, 2017

In Conversation with Jonardon Ganeri
In an interview with Current Science,  Ganeri talked about his interests, his inspiration, his views on topics like science and philosophy, and also gave a word of advice for those who want to pursue philosophy.
Current Science | March 10, 2016

Why Philosophy Must Go Global
Mattoo Center for India Studies - Stony Brook University Distinguished Lecture Series (Video)
Stoney Brook University | March 2, 2016

What Would Krishna Do? Or Shiva? Or Vishnu?
This is the ninth in a series of interviews about religion that I am conducting for The Stone. The interviewee for this installment is Jonardon Ganeri, currently a visiting professor of philosophy at New York University Abu Dhabi and the author of “The Lost Age of Reason: Philosophy in Early Modern India 1450–1700.”
The New York Times Opinion Pages, The Stone | August 2014

Artha: India: philosophy
Jonardon Ganeri broods on Indian philosophy and knows early modern philosophy happened there as well as in the West. So the idea that Indian philosophy is always traditional is bogus, he thinks. He also thinks that assumptions about where ideas come from and how ideas move around are often based on historical ignorance. He sees ideas as belonging to everyone.
3:AM Magazine | August 2012