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NYU Abu Dhabi arts and humanities faculty are frequently featured in local and international media.

The U.N.’s Powerful New Way To Aid Refugees
Entitlements to food and cash assistance were tracked via a smartphone app and the public Ethereum blockchain, allowing U.N. workers in the field to match disbursements with corresponding recipients.
Breaker Mag | August 15, 2018

Das Internet prägt meine Ethik (German)
Aktion Mensch | May 25, 2018

Fast Moving Targets interviews Jörg Blumtritt (Video)
Fast Moving Targets | November 15, 2015

The Declaration of Liquid Culture
My… my keyboard… it’s melting! Quickly, I must post this latest Teutono-Californian slow-media memetic-turn tech-art manifesto, before all we know is transformed into atemporal ooze…
Wired | January 19, 2013