Lecture Series and Residency

NYUAD Peace Fellow Lecture Series and Residency Program (2019-2020)

NYUAD Dean of Science Grant
Jocelyn J. Bélanger (NYUAD): PI and Gwyneth Bravo (co-PI)


  • Michelle Gelfand, University of Maryland, USA
    (February 26, 2020)


  • Ishmael Beah, Former Child Soldier, UNICEF Ambassador for Children Affected by War
    (October 23, 2019, NYUAD Institute, UAE)
    Watch the talk
  • Arn Chorn-Pond, Founder of Cambodian Living Arts, Former Child Soldier
    (October 2, 2019, NYUAD Institute, UAE)
    Watch the talk.
    "Settling war crimes with music" Khaleeji Times (November 8, 2019) 

NYUAD Music Program-Institute Distinguished Lecture Series

Committee Chair-Facilitator


  • Lydia Goehr, Columbia
    Enraged Musicians, Distressed Poets, and Harassed Painters: How the Arts Make Us Laugh and Cry
    (NYUAD Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE: April 15, 2020)


  • Michael Beckerman, NYU
    “What Are the Limits of Musical Expression and Who Says So?”

    NYUAD Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE: November 27, 2018)