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Looking for something new to read on the weekends or for a relaxing holiday? From classics to modern day thrillers, and stories with lasting impact, NYUAD faculty from the Arts and Humanities share their favorite reads and recommendations.

NYUAD Students Join Local Poet in Earth Day Poetry and Music Recital

“Who’s going to go home and fall in love tonight?” laughed Bahareh Amidi, the UAE-based American-Iranian poet featured at NYUAD’s Earth Day reading, after the conclusion of a student piece. “I certainly am going to. You can tell we are around the energy of university students. This is beautiful, just beautiful.”

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NYU Abu Dhabi Arts and Humanities faculty are frequently featured in local and international news media.

How First-Year Comp Can Save the World
What if the best about composition teaching, Deborah L. Williams asks, became the pedagogical default instead of the exception?
Inside Higher Ed | January 2, 2020

The road to parenthood is paved with stories – of both love and loss
On Baby Loss Awareness Week, conversations about miscarriage and fertility issues are often fraught with guilt and embarrassment. But these issues affect more people than we imagine.
The National | October 08, 2018

If the Bransons and Oprahs got to where they are without a degree, why go to university at all?
As exam season comes to a finale and students consider their future prospects, associate professor Deborah Lindsay Williams asks whether studying a particular subject is a guarantee for success.
The National | June 4, 2018

On World Turtle Day, conservation projects like Saadiyat's strike a balance with the need to develop
Dawn walkers are part of the effort to protect the beach and its hawksbill turtles, writes Deborah Lindsay Williams.
The National | May 23, 2018

Nostalgia makes us long for the past even as we enjoy the present
Even as we marvel at Abu Dhabi's progress, we mourn the quiet, more sedate city we once knew.
The National | April 9, 2018