Dawn Chatty

Visiting Professor of Anthropology Affiliation: Visiting
Email: dc170
Education: PhD University of California, Los Angeles

Research Areas: displacement in Syria, resilience of refugee youth

Dawn Chatty is Emeritus Professor in Anthropology and Forced Migration, former Director of the Refugee Studies Centre in the Department of International Development, and Emeritus Fellow of St Cross College, University of Oxford, UK. She is also a Fellow of the British Academy. Her research interests include Syria and its displaced peoples, coping strategies and resilience of refugee youth, nomadic pastoralism and conservation, gender and development, health, illness, and culture.

Her recent books include: From Camel to Truck (2nd Edition) White Horse Press, 2013: Dispossession and Displacement in the Modern Middle East, Cambridge University Press, 2010; Dispossession and Forced Migration in the Middle East and North Africa (eds. with Bill Finlayson), Oxford University Press, 2010; Deterritorialized Youth: Sahrawi and Afghan Refugees at the Margins of the Middle East, (ed.) Berghahn Books, 2010; Nomadic Societies in the Middle East and North Africa: Facing the 21st Century, Leiden, Brill, 2006; Children of Palestine: Experiencing Forced Migration in the Middle East (eds. With Gillian Lewando-Hundt), Berghahn Books, 2005; and Conservation and Mobile Peoples: Displacement, Forced Settlement and Sustainable Development (eds. with Marcus Colchester), Berghahn Press, 2002.

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