David Darts

David Darts

Associate Dean of Arts, Program Head of Art and Art History, Associate Professor Art and Art Professions; Director of Global Studies and Chair Emeritus of Steinhardt's Art Department Affiliation: NYU New York
Email: dgd2@nyu.edu
Education: BA, MEd, PhD University of British Columbia

Research Areas: convergences between society, technology, and contemporary art and design

David Darts is an artist and technologist. His work focuses on the convergences between society, technology and contemporary art and design. He uses sculpture and designed objects to provide spaces for critical reflection and social critique. He develops free open source tools, like Bitcave and PirateBox, that support community collaboration, creative experimentation, access to knowledge, and the free exchange of ideas and culture. Darts' work has been featured in over 200 international publications, including New Scientist, Le Monde, Ars Technica, and Wired Italia. His research and writings about contemporary art, education, emerging technologies and creative citizenship have been published in a number of top scholarly journals and books.

David Darts is Associate Professor of Art in NYU Steinhardt’s Art Department. He is also Co-Director of the NYU Artistic Activism Working Research Group and former Curatorial Director of Conflux, the annual art and technology festival for the creative exploration of urban public space.

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