Books in Progress

Patell, Cyrus R. K., and Deborah Lindsay Williams. The Oxford History of the Novel, Volume 8: American Fiction after 1940. Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2019.

Patell, Cyrus R. K. Lucasfilm: Philosopher and Filmmaker. Philosophical Filmmakers series. Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2019.

Patell, Cyrus R. K., and Deborah Lindsay Williams. American Fiction since 1945 (Readers’ Guides to Essential Criticism). Palgrave Macmillan (under contract).

Patell, Cyrus R. K. Global Text: Hamlet (manuscript in preparation).


  • Selected Scholarly Articles

    “Cosmopolitan Reading and the Global Classroom,” with Deborah Lindsay Williams. Forthcoming in the ADE-ADFL Bulletin, December 2018.

    “Karen Tei Yamashita and the Cultivation of Cosmopolitan Virtue” in Karen Tei Yamashita: Fictions of Magic and Memory, ed. A. Robert Lee. University of Hawai’i Press,  2018.

     “The Dynamics of Residual and Emergent in the American Novel after 1940,” with Deborah Lindsay Williams, New Directions in the History of the Novel, ed. Patrick Parrinder and Jonathan Arac. Palgrave, 2014

    “Overshadowed New York,” essay-review with Bryan Waterman, American Literary History 24 (2012): 85363.

    “Cosmopolitanism and Zoroastrianism in Moby-Dick,” The Turn Back to Religion: Essays in American Literature and Culture, ed. Nan Goodman and Michael Kramer. Ashgate, 2011. 19 –36.

    "Star Wars and the Technophobic Imagination," Myth, Media, and Culture in Star Wars: An Anthology, ed. Douglas Brode and Leah Dyneka. Scarecrow Press, 2012.