• Album/CD

    Album/CD: Lesser, Clare, David Lesser, and Carl Rosman. 2016. Singular Voices, (works for soprano, clarinet, and piano by Michael Finnissy). Divine Art/Métier (msv 28557).

    Album/CD: Lesser, Clare, and David Lesser. 2018. ‘As if the mesh of words were broken…’ 20th Century Lieder. Divine Art/Métier (msv 28567)

    Album Essay: Lesser, Clare. Thoughts on Performing Michael Finnissy’s Vocal Music. 2016. Divine Art/Métier (msv 28557).

    Album Essay: Lesser, Clare. 2018. ‘And, like a dying lady lean and pale': Deconstruction in late 20th century Lieder. Divine Art/Métier (msv) 28567.

  • Journals

    Lesser, Clare. 2020. "Performing Ritual in the Works of Karlheinz Stockhausen." Special Edition: Performance. Electra Street, Abu Dhabi: NYUAD.