Message From Dean Robert J.C. Young


Arts and Humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi provides a unique opportunity to experience and understand our world through contemporary perspectives. The world is changing so fast that at NYUAD we began by recognizing the need to rethink the ways in which students learn and create.

Arts and Humanities at NYUAD is a site of experiment and innovation. We approach all subjects from a multiplicity of cultural perspectives and their different histories. Whether it be in making a film or TV show, designing a website, or studying the history of the world, at NYUAD you will be at the center of a rethinking of what it means to engage in such activities in a globally diverse environment in which no single culture dominates.

Our literature program, for example, studies literature not from a national tradition or even a single language, but from an awareness of the extraordinary diversity of literary writing across the world. Students are encouraged not just to study literature, but to create it too. We think of creative and critical activities not as distinct but as part of the new imaginative dynamic that is transforming art and knowledge today. In every program, from Art to Theater to Philosophy, at NYUAD you will be part of the discovery and creation of a new understanding of what such knowledge and practices involve in the twenty-first century that has shaped them.

Human creativity has always responded to new developments in technology, and nowhere more so than today. Interactive media will allow you to experience what happens when artists start to use modern technology as their paintbrush—the result may be a robot. Faculty in music will show you how to play computers as your new instrument along with the piano or the violin in order to generate unexplored and unimaginable planets of sound.

Learn to think critically and creatively: the world, and most professions today, will become unrecognizable in your life time. The adaptability, intellectual flexibility, creativity and imagination that you will learn at NYU Abu Dhabi will provide you with a powerful and successful passport to the future.