Goals and Priorities

1 - Research
Attract exceptional scholars from around the world and enable them to pursue research and creative excellence
Recruit and retain a world-class, globally diverse faculty
Build on current areas and establish new ones
Create both deep disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship
Foster local and international collaborations and connectivity
Provide sustainable mechanisms of financial support
Develop the knowledge and administrative infrastructures
2 - Undergraduate Education
Ensure a transformative global education experience for all undergraduates
Attract a diverse student body committed to meaningful engagement
Recruit a diverse teaching community that fosters excellence and innovation
Provide a curriculum that balances breadth with specialized knowledge
Create global, community-based, and experiential learning
Create opportunities for undergraduate research
Develop a system of advising and mentoring for student success
Nurture an inclusive residential community and holistic student experience
3 - Graduate Education
Provide outstanding, innovative, postgraduate training that enable students and postdocs to succeed in academic and non-academic careers
Create new master’s and research-intensive doctoral graduate programs
Attract high-quality, globally diverse graduate student body
Immerse students in a vibrant intellectual cross-disciplinary environment
Foster faculty excellence in teaching, mentoring, and research collaboration
Create cutting edge, international opportunities across NYU’s Global Network
Expand offerings that supports careers in the UAE and abroad
Create our first professional graduate programs with NYU schools
4 - Societal Impact
Become a hub of development, innovation, engagement, and positive change for Abu Dhabi, the region, and the world
Address the world’s most pressing challenges
Make globally significant, fundamental advances that aligns with UAE’s priorities
Catalyze applied research and development opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and alumni
Drive the development of UAE’s diverse knowledge-based economy
Develop an Innovation Research Park as a signature initiative
Provide programming that is regionally relevant and globally recognized
Collaborate on transformative initiatives in community engagement and social responsibility