NYUAD Social Science is an integrated social science unit; as complex social problems facing human societies evade the grasp of any individual discipline, they are more efficiently addressed through interdisciplinary approaches.

The breadth of research in Social Science at NYU Abu Dhabi uses data to help historians, economists, NGOs, and governments better understand human behavior — and improve people’s lives.

Why Fund Investors Could Roil Bonds


Wall Street Journal: Study warns of the dangers of a possible sell off if the Fed acts unexpectedly

A working paper by Lucas Siga studies the links between monetary policy and mutual fund flows, and any potential risks to financial stability.

Dan David Prize Laureate Professor François Bourguignon

An interview with Professor Bourguignon, NYUAD Global Professor of Economics, and recipient of the 2016 Dan David international prize; one of three grants awarded annually for achievements having an outstanding scientific, technological, cultural or social impact on our world.

Ideas of India


A website curated by Rahul Sagar seeks to further the study of modern Indian political thought by drawing attention to the vibrant public sphere that took shape in the century prior to independence.

Resident Expert: Growing Up Muslim in America


Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy, John O'Brien, spent three and a half years conducting ethnographic fieldwork with a group of young Muslim friends who grew up together in post-9/11 America.

The Conversation: Diplomacy in the Middle East

Tom Fletcher, Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice, discusses the war in Syria, ways to provide education to children displaced by war, and the role that digital diplomacy can play in the future.