Social Science at NYUAD has a strategic commitment to bring great minds to the region; to intensify the vibrancy of scientific life in our community, and to address global social problems and processes. In partnership with the NYUAD Institute, the Division organizes a variety of conferences and programs every year, many of which are open to the public. Here you can find the history of hosted conferences, and information about planned events.

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Conferences 2016-17

Advances in Mechanism Design

Advances in Mechanism Design

(December, 2016)

Bringing together scholars at the frontier of research in fundamental issues in microeconomics, collaborating across different spans of research in mechanism and market design.

SMaPP: Social Media and Political Participation

SMaPP: Social Media and Political Participation

(February, 2017)

The SMaPP global group of scholars from the social sciences, statistics, data science, engineering, natural sciences, and industry who come together to tackle and discuss novel ways of harnessing the wealth of data on social media usage and interaction for the study of behavior.

Political Economy of Gender & Development

(December, 2016)

This conference brings leading researchers together, using new research methodologies to address an emerging priority in academic and policy-focused work on development: gender equality.


(January, 2017)

Designed to provide training for social science graduate students and junior faculty in experimental methods, broadly defined (lab, field, lab-in-the-field, biological, and survey experiments will be covered); including special sessions on the issues and concerns of conducting experiments in Africa, the ME, and surrounding region.

Past Conferences