Coming Up: 2016-2017

Wage and Price History in the Middle East

March 2017
Bringing together a group of experts and practitioners in wage and price history to get critical feedback on Middle East data collection at NYUAD.

SMaPP: Social Media and Political Participation

March, 2017
SMaPP-Global’s goals are:

  1. to better understand how social media impacts political participation;
  2. to better understand how elites utilize social media to pursue political goals; and
  3. to develop open-source tools that facilitate the use of social media data for the study of politics.


January, 2017
Designed to provide training for social science graduate students and junior faculty in experimental methods, broadly defined (lab, field, lab-in-the-field, biological, and survey experiments will be covered); including special sessions on the issues and concerns of conducting experiments in Africa, the ME, and surrounding region.

Working Group in African Political Economy (WGAPE)

January 2017
An international forum for academic researchers who combine deep field research experience in Africa with training in political economy methods.

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Political Economy of Gender & Development

December, 2016
This conference brings leading researchers together, using new research methodologies to address an emerging priority in academic and policy-focused work on development: gender equality.

Advances in Mechanism Design

December, 2016
Bringing together scholars at the frontier of research in fundamental issues in microeconomics, collaborating across different spans of research in mechanism and market design. — Read more


The Social Science Division encourages collaboration across diverse fields and research fronts; each year hosting various Seminar Series, Conferences and Workshops.


Working Group in African Political Economy

January, 2016


David Stasavage (NYU New York) "When Are Taxes Fair?"

May, 2016


NYU/CAGE/CEPR Economic History Conference

March, 2016