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Tackling pressing societal issues through fundamental and practical research in innovative and new construction materials.

Center for Prototype Climate Modeling

Aims to bridge the gap between climate theory, modeling, and observation, with the goal of better understanding fundamental processes in the earth system, and improving our ability to predict future climate.

eARThumanities Research Initiative

Emphasizes the significance of the arts in this wider conversation, while also drawing on the social sciences and the physical sciences and engineering to foster interdisciplinary dialogue. 

Marine Biology Lab

Uses the Arabian Gulf as a natural laboratory to study coral reef ecology in extreme environments and to understand how these may serve as a model for the possible impacts of future climate change on reefs elsewhere.

Nano and Biomaterials Research Lab

Focusing on the development of supercritical CO2-based processes to create nanoscale building blocks and their self-assembly into novel materials.

S.M.A.R.T. Construction Research Group

Digitalization and automation of the construction industry coupled with the application of artificial intelligence and the integration of new technologies.

Smart Materials Lab (SML)

The leading team with regards to chemistry research in the UAE, with research output that, according to the Nature Index, accounts for an impressive 63 percent in 2015 and 67 percent in 2016 of the total chemistry publications from groups within the country, both in the fractional count and weighted fractional count.

Water Research Center

Promotes innovative research in water desalination, wastewater treatment, environmental policy, and social issues. The center serves as an interdisciplinary innovation hub for water research where scientific knowledge is transformed into practical solutions.