Vice Chancellor's Message

Al Bloom

Vice Chancellor of NYU Abu Dhabi

What drew me to New York University Abu Dhabi is likely to draw you here as well: the opportunity to be among the pioneers who shape one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the world.

Located at a new crossroads of the world, enriched by the intellectual vitality and research opportunities of a new, world-class research institute, and benefiting from an active connection to NYU New York and other NYU global sites, NYU Abu Dhabi provides the finest preparation for careers in a global world and for leadership in enhancing the quality of that world.

NYU Abu Dhabi students are among the most talented in the world. They bring an astounding range of interests and skills to a richly diverse and exciting undergraduate experience. They are students who engage the examination and shaping of thought with passion and rigor. They are students who strive to make their own mark on a more knowledgeable, productive, responsible, just, and peaceful globe.

NYU Abu Dhabi’s faculty are at once great teachers and distinguished scholars, eager to involve undergraduates in their research. NYU Abu Dhabi’s curriculum combines powerful interdisciplinary vision, in-depth pursuit of a discipline, and extraordinary opportunities for individual exploration and growth.

NYU Abu Dhabi Vice Chancellor Al Bloom

Being an NYU Abu Dhabi student means having the opportunity to come to know a critically important and immensely fascinating region, while gaining an even broader global perspective through semesters spent in cities such as New York, London, Paris, Accra, Shanghai, and Buenos Aires. Living in Abu Dhabi means participating in the emergence of a new world center of learning and culture.

The 21st century requires rigorous, broad, and imaginative undergraduate training, as well as a profound understanding of what we all share as human beings. I invite you to join us in Abu Dhabi for the best of both.